Board of Trustees and Staff

CGMC Board of Trustees

PresidentDoug Althauser, Esq (he/him/his)
Vice President | Tahrea Maynard (she/her/hers)
Secretary | James Svagerko (he/him/his)
Treasurer | Jerry Rhodes (he/him/his)
Membership Director | Krystal Jackowiak (she/her/hers)
Members at Large:
Richard Alonso (he/him/his)
Chuck Cohen (he/him/his)
Jason Guthrie(he/him/his)
Allen Proctor (he/him/his)
James Wells (he/him/his)

CGMC Staff

Artistic Director | Jared Brayton Bollenbacher (he/him/his)
Executive Director | Donovan Jones (he/him/his)
Assistant Artistic Director | Zac DelMonte (he/him/his)

Artistic Team

Principal Accompanist | Nathan Hamm (he/him/his)
Illuminati Accompanist | Matthew P. Downing (he/him/his)

Lead Volunteers

Archivist | Matt Eisert (he/him/his)

Please contact us about board opportunities or any other matter. 

Mission and Vision

The vision statement of the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus can be expressed in four words: “Voices Raised, Lives Changed.” As a performing arts group, we strive to enrich, empower, and entertain our audiences and members through varied concerts and other performances comprising a range of vocal, musical, theatrical, and dance presentations.

Our mission as an organization is to foster increased recognition, understanding, and acceptance of individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community. We dedicate ourselves to perform vocal music at the highest possible standard of quality, and to maintain an atmosphere of camaraderie, support, and respect for our diverse members and audiences. We create and perform innovative, provocative, and entertaining programs that enhance the arts in Central Ohio, and that honor, preserve, and expand the legacy and artistry of the TTBB choral sound and tradition. We perform in accessible venues and provide ASL interpretation for our concert season.

Video Archive

To enjoy more videos of Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus performances,
visit our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Fun Facts about CGMC!

Here are some fun facts about CGMC from Matt Eisert, CGMC Archivist.

1. CGMC has had 901 singing members since 1990 in its 95 concert productions:

    • Tenor 1 = 151
    • Tenor 2 = 288
    • Baritone = 291
    • Bass = 171

2. CGMC staged three productions with 116 singers on stage:

    • March 1995 (High Velocity)
    • June 1995 (Celebrate FIVE)
    • March 1999 (What I Did For Love)

3. Big Gay Sing: ABBA Sing-Along (2020) Tenor 1 section would have tied with the most Tenor 1’s since June 1994 with 24 singers!

4. VOX has performed 17 concert productions since 2006, with 162 total singers since Dec-1991:

    • Tenor 1 = 41
    • Tenor 2 = 39
    • Baritone = 42
    • Bass = 40

5. Illuminati has performed 11 concert productions since 2009, with 168 total singers since 2001:

    • Tenor 1 = 26
    • Tenor 2 = 51
    • Baritone = 59
    • Bass = 28

6. CGMC has attended eight GALA Festivals since 1992.

7. CGMC had a DIVAS Softball Team from 1997-2002.

8. CGMC had a CCV DIVAS Volleyball Team from 1997-2005.

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